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Boy, Ozzie Guillen Looks Pretty Pissed

I wonder what he’s pointing at? It could be anything, really. A belligerent fan, an airplane flying over the stadium or maybe the microscopic galaxy always hovering just above his right index finger whose inhabitants have evolved and mock and torment him with their alien technology at all hours of the day? Any of these are possible. Who knows with Ozzie, right?

What I do know is that Ozzie was ejected for the 22nd time in his career by first base umpire Joe West after arguing a balk West called on White Sox starting pitcher Mark Buehrle in the second inning of Chicago’s game with Cleveland.

After making his first call on Buehrle, West started yelling at Buehrle before Guillen walked onto the field to calm down West. Guillen ignored West’s request to stay off the field and was ejected after a few words were exchanged. Guillen flipped his lineup card before leaving the field

Annnnngry. Oh yeah, and Buehrle was subsequently ejected in the third inning when West called yet another balk on the pitcher. Buehrle slammed his glove down in disgust and was prematurely sent to the showers or to possibly play Tiddlywinks or perhaps a rousing game of Ants in the Pants with Guillen in the clubhouse.

This is the third time Joe West has ejected Guillen so there is perhaps a matter of bad blood between the two. Or it could be that West is just a dick. You may recall that West is the very same umpire who blasted the Yankees and Red Sox earlier this season, calling the four hour marathons those two teams refer to as games “embarrassing.”

I took the liberty of checking out Guillen’s Twitter account to see if he happened to tweet something regarding his ejection, but he had not at this point. But four hours prior to the publishing of this post, Guillen did bust out this tweet in Spanish: “Chico mi viejo que rapido pasa el tiempo aqui tuvieras sufriendo conmigo jajaajaja fuistes un personaje se te extrana,” which, when plugged into Babelfish, translates to “Boy my old man who fast spends the time here you had undergoing with me jajaajaja you were a personage is surprised to you.”

I’m not sure what Ozzie is trying to articulate with that, but it makes about as much sense as his tweets in English, and dammit, I’m sure it means something.

UPDATE: Courtesy of commenter legend Upstate Underdog, here is what got Buehrle tossed. He’s right: West is an a-hole.

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