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Oklahoma Newspaper Begins Desperate Search For Soccer Fans Living In State

In light of World Cup fever hitting every corner of the globe, some enterprising editor at The Oklahoman had a wonderful idea. And for that, we have to now pity poor, poor Jenni Carlson (not pictured above). As a writer for The Oklahoman, she has been given the crappy assignment of tracking down die-hard soccer fans in the state of Oklahoma, which my guess is easier than finding a needle in a haystack.

From the article, “Are you a soccer fanatic in Oklahoma?” in The Oklahoman:

The World Cup is only a couple weeks away, and the mania over the every-four-years soccer tournament will be felt from Algeria to Argentina.

But what about Oklahoma?

We are looking for soccer fanatics who are transplants to the state. If you are a native of one of the countries competing in the World Cup and you are now living in Oklahoma, we want to hear from you.

Indeed they do. And although the search may prove to be fruitless, the effort is there. Crap, they’ll even take Oklahomans who have simply heard of soccer. Anybody? Hello? Is there one friggin’ soccer fan living within Oklahoma’s state borders? They need to know! Come on! Throw Jenni a friggin’ bone here. Her job could very well be on the line.

Are you a soccer fanatic in Oklahoma? [The Oklahoman]