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NO!!! Jared Allen Cut Off His Mullet!

Sad news to report, NFL fans (as well as fans of spectacularly terrible hairstyles): in light of his upcoming nuptials, Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen has cut off his mullet. The horror…the horror…

From Vikings Blog:

In anticipation of his upcoming wedding, Vikings DE Jared Allen did what some fans may view as the unthinkable: his mullet is no more.

“The things men do for love,” Allen said.

Indeed we will, Jared. Indeed we will. But what will this mean for Jared on the field. Will cutting off his white-trashy locks sap him of all his quarterback-sacking power? As a Vikings fan, I shudder to think what this development may entail.

As a tribute to the great mullet that was, I have hastily put together a slideshow of the good times we all shared in as a result of Jared Allen’s marvelous mullet. With music, even!

Hey, I said it was hastily put together…what did you expect? We’ll always have the memories, I suppose.

I believe the talented Michael Rand from RandBall perhaps summarizes it up best with the following thoughts on the topic:

It remains to be seen whether Allen will have time — or permission, we suppose — to re-grow his trademark party in the back. The NFL season just wouldn’t be the same without it. He just looks so … so … normal. And … not crazy. Are the Mullet Mullitia T-shirts now obsolete? So many questions. So much less hair.

Well put, Mr. Rand.

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