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Celebratory Flyers Fans + Live TV = Bad Idea Jeans

Whichever producer it was working for CSN who thought it would be a grand idea to interview enraptured Flyers fans immediately after their squad qualified for their first Stanley Cup Finals in 13 years last night probably should not wear Bad Idea Jeans as a component of his or her work attire. Instead, they should try putting on a pair of Think A Second Before Making A Completely Boneheaded Decision Slacks. Sure, the name of the brand is rather long-winded, but they keep you employed.

As a means of illustrating the above point, last night, during an interview with one overjoyed Flyers fan in the AT&T Pavilion at the Wahcovia Center, the reporter filling the role of the Man On The Street inquired as to what she thought of the win, and she invariably busted out with the retort that it was “fu**ing amazing.”

/sound of a train running off the tracks

Brilliant. At the same time, how could those in charge at CSNĀ  not have seen this coming?

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