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Blackhawks Fan Becomes Local News Oddity After He Pimps Out 1991 Dodge Spirit

The first question I had after watching this Fox Chicago story regarding die-hard Blackhawks fan John Tolley and how he painted his 1991 Dodge Spirit in honor of the Blackhawks magical run in the postseason is this: “Why did he do this to a perfectly running Dodge Spirit?”

And then it came to me as I slapped myself on the forehead and about the face repeatedly: “Duh! His 1996 Dodge Neon was probably in the shop! And who would want to deface a sweet ride like that anyway?”

All that aside, this shouldn’t be about me and my nonsensical ramblings, this should be about John Tolley and his undying love for the Blackhawks. From Fox Chicago (via Mouthpiece Blog):

John and Christine Tolley really know how to wear their Blackhawks colors. Their commitment to the Indian goes well beyond the hats and shirts and jerseys. Their loyalty is as deep as the road to the Stanley Cup is long.

Their 1991 Dodge Spirit is painted with Blackhawks players.

He started with Patrick Sharp using what else? A sharpie and some touch car paint.

As the Hawks advanced in the playoffs he kept painting and added some all time greats alongside the current stars.

An amusing little story, to be sure, but I think the essence of it lies within this next passage from the report. It’s amazing how changing one word could have made this a tragic tale instead of a lighthearted anecdote:

When we caught up with him outside his home in Morgan Park he was working on Anti Niemi on the trunk.

Imagine if instead that would have read, “When authorities caught up with him outside his home in Morgan Park, he was working over Anti Niemi in the trunk.”

Chilling. Then it would have been a Forensic Files or 48 Hours Mystery kind of story then.

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