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ESPN Security Doesn’t Give A Damn About Your Go Daddy Commercials, Danica Patrick

Things have not been going very well for Danica Patrick lately. First, she was lustily booed by fans at Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday when Patrick blamed her crew for her poor performance during qualifying for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. And then earlier today she had to suffer the ultimate indignity of ESPN security personnel not allowing her onto the idyllic campus in Bristol, Connecticut after futilely attempting to utilize the “Don’t you know who I am?”  line to no success.

Patrick was in Bristol today after getting invited to ESPN HQ – along with the other 32 racers who qualified for the Indianapolis 500 – by the network to take  part in promoting the race. After being taken out to the “Satellite Farm” for a group photo, Patrick and fellow racer Will Power stayed behind to meet with media members, missing the bus back to the main part of the campus.

Once  Patrick and Power were shuttled back, they met with heavy resistance from ESPN security, even after singing some of that annoying Go Daddy song (via The Backstretch):

A security guard at the gate stopped the van and asked the driver where he was going. The IndyCar Series official driving the van explained he had IndyCar Series drivers in the van going back to a function. The security guard shook his head.

It was then that Patrick, wearing her bright green “Go Daddy” firesuit, took over, leaning up into the front of the van and telling the security guard, “We’re IndyCar drivers,” Patrick said, “The Indianapolis 500?”

“We’re doing things here” she pressed as she pointed to her driver’s suit.

No dice.

Then she leaned a little further toward the security and offered up a rendition of the familiar tune from the provocative “Go Daddy” commercials she stars in.

“Go Daddy . . .” Patrick sang.

“That work?” she asked.


Ultimately, Patrick was allowed to enter but not before she was soundly shot down and possibly embarrassed that perhaps her star power might not shine as bright as in once did.

She should have ripped off her top like the gals do in those Go Daddy commercials. I bet That would have gotten this bozo security guard’s attention. Unless he was a fancy boy or something.

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