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Mired In Slump, White Sox 2B Drops ’80s Wuss Rock Anthem At-Bat Music For Metallica

With a well below the Mendoza Line batting average of .187, White Sox second baseman Gordon Beckham is struggling through an epic slump. Aware that even the smallest change to his routine could help him at the plate, Beckham decided to switch up his at-bat music. At the suggestion of teammate Paul Konerko, Beckham has wisely eschewed his usual song, the catchy yet kind of lame “Your Love” by ’80s mulleted heroes The Outfield and now comes up to the plate with Metallica’s old school, thrash metal classic “Seek & Destroy” blasting out of the stadium’s PA system. Excellent choice.

“I said before the game, ‘Just don’t play anything.’ I have to be hitting better just to deserve an intro song,” Beckham said. “And then King [Konerko] came over and said you will have an intro song and I’m going to pick it. So, I’m following in the King’s footsteps.”

It’s early yet, but the early results are hardly encouraging. Beckham went 0-2 with a walk with “Seek & Destroy” but he apparently hit the ball hard, so hopefully he sticks with Metallica for a little while longer and see how it plays out. Unfortunately, Beckham is having a hard time letting go of The Outfield. He suggested that the White Sox could play “Your Love” when he gets a hit, but I think that’s a bad idea on many levels. When you are addicted to wussy rock, you have to make a clean break of it, like ripping off a Band-Aid.

But perhaps the best part of the story is Ozzie Guillen’s thoughts on the entire phenomenon of at-bat music affecting a player’s performance:

“If he’s going to start hitting, I’ll bring the band. I’ll pay every day for them to have a concert for him,” said a smiling Guillen. “I don’t know how people come up with when they’re going to change what kind of music they’re playing. When Babe Ruth hit, and all those guys were playing, they didn’t have a sound system in the stadium, and they had like 4,000 hits.

“But … I would bring Michael Jackson back to life. I would have a concert every day and fire all the coaches.”

Now that puts it all in perspective and I have to completely agree with Guillen’s opinion. Except for the Michael Jackson part – do we really want a zombie Michael Jackson moonwalking out to the mound to replace a pitcher? I think not.

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