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Katy Perry Interviewed On FoxSports Radio, Barely Justifies Katy Perry Photo Gallery

Yes, I am pandering, but as a sports blogger, I am not frequently provided a forum here at the Sportress to gush over Katy Perry. No really, I think she’s great and consider myself a casual fan of her music and a die-hard fan of, um, other stuff about her.

So, when I saw that she did an interview with FoxSports for some unknown reason – although it likely had something to do with her recent #1 ranking on Maxim‘s “Hot 100” list – I seized the opportunity.

Katy joined FoxSports Radio’s Hartman and Friends for an interview recently, and below are some of the sexy, masturbatory-referencing highlights (via Sports Radio Interviews):

On doing an interview on sports talk radio:

“I feel like this is too much testosterone for the room. I feel like I am going to get very vulnerable in this session where it’s all about sports and kissing girls and daisy dukes and bikinis on top. Boys, boys. I want to see all your hands on the table please. Both hands on the table. And for the listeners, keep both hands on the steering wheel. That’s all I ask.”

On being number one on the Maxim 100:

“I think it’s kind of a joke. I think that obviously, I’ve got it going on up top and on the bottom and I’m a little bit better than a butter face, but I don’t think that I am #1. I think that somewhere along the way, maybe I slept with an editor. I don’t remember. I think they’re just rewarding me.”

On the Los Angeles Lakers:

“What’s a Laker? Are you kidding? You thought it was the dumb hot 100. I know the Lakers. I love the yellow and the purple. Jack Nicholson is the best player on that team.”

On working with Snoop Dogg:

“I don’t remember. I was so high so I have no idea. I was just kidding. But, if you were in the same block as Snoop Dogg, you might as well surrender to the ways.”

And on the fan that calls in to talk to her:

(Steve Hartman accidentally hangs up on Katy Perry. She comes back on as exit music is playing leading into break…) “You hung up on the hottest girl! Your hands were obviously not on the table.”

You can listen to the entire interview here or you can peruse the below photo gallery. Or both. It’s up to you, pervert.

Maxim’s Hottest Hottie, Katy Perry [Sports Radio Interviews]