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Flyers Fans Up The D-Bag Ante, Attack TV Cameraman, Toss Beer On Satellite Truck

At what point does it cease being isolated incidents of unruly fan behavior to a full-on, fanbase-wide epidemic? I’m not entirely sure, but the fans in Philly appear to be straddling the line.

Radio-Canada, the CBC’s French service,¬† has filed a complaint with the NHL relating to additional reports of drunken buffoonery, which have surfaced regarding douchetarded behavior by Flyers fans during Games 1 and 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals between Philadelphia and Montreal. In one case, a Montreal journalist was filming a report from inside the Wachovia Center on Tuesday when an unknown person (or persons) attempted to steal the cameraman’s equipment. Another alleged incident occurred outside the area where Flyers fans supposedly dumped beer on a wire panel of a satellite TV truck.

Said Martin Bonenfant, spokesperson for Radio-Canada:

“It happened just as we were going to go on the air, but we were able to get it fixed,” said Bonenfant, adding that no one was hurt.

Ike Richman, vice-president of public relations for Comcast-Spectacor, which owns the Flyers, halfheartedly attempted to defend the disgraceful behavior and when that wasn’t enough, responded with a rip on Canadiens fans.

“Flyer fans are passionate and they love their team and sometimes they think they can take it upon themselves to make a difference,” he said in an interview.

“We’re not Montreal. We don’t have riots here.”

Zing. While his assessment that Philly fans do not riot, in light of the string of incidents just in the past couple of months, from vandalism of a Montreal reporter’s car to an inebriated fan intentionally vomiting on a off-duty cop and his daughter at a Phillies game, Richman really shouldn’t feel so comfortable being hypercritical of the behavior of another city’s fanbase. Ultimately, it could be argued that Philadelphia is rapidly¬† becoming the nexus of the douchebag fans universe. Just saying.

Complaint filed with NHL after cameraman attacked by Flyers fans [CTV]