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And To Think That One Day, This Little Tyke Might Grow Up To Be A Drunken Flyers Fan

The precocious little guy  you see pictured above in his father’s Flyers jersey is three-year-old Christopher Whalen of Hamilton, New Jersey, who happens to be a huge fan of the Philadelphia Flyers in his own right.

“On a trip to the zoo last week,” Whalen said, “Christopher saw a Flyers billboard and started singing, ‘Fly, Flyers, Fly! On the Road to Victory!’

“Hey, what do you want?” Whalen asked. “He’s only 3!”

Indeed, Papa Whalen. Indeed. Let’s hope that Christopher’s parents are reasonable, intelligent and thoughtful parents and that Christopher is raised well enough that he isn’t one of those bad seeds who ends up assaulting Canadian cameramen or vandalizing cars with Canadian license plates on them, among other things. Personally, I think this kid has a chance. He looks like a great kid.