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Ozzie Guillen Is A Tweeting Tortured Soul

Who knew Ozzie Guillen was such a huge fan of Little Anthony & The Imperials? Interesting.

As pointed out several times here at the Sportress, Ozzie Guillen is one of the best tweeters out there. Ranging from nonsensical to flat-out funny, his tweets are always a hoot and following him should be one of your top priorities…after putting on your pants, ya weirdo.

Be that as it may, somebody in Ozzie Guillen’s inner circle needs to tell the White Sox manager that while it is perfectly acceptable for a grown man to cry, habitual weeping in the middle of the night is possibly a sign of a larger, very serious problem. Ozzie needs help. If they need any further motivation to act quickly, Ozzie is displaying further paranoid, delusional behavior when he recently speculated that somebody might be trying to poison him. Scary stuff, man.