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Flyers Fan Who Vandalized Montreal Reporter’s Car Identified Via Facebook (Updated)

Seriously, how stupid can people be? Case in point, by now you have likely heard of the terrible experience endured by longtime Montreal Gazette sportswriter Pat Hickey upon returning to his car after Game 1 of the Canadiens-Flyers series. For those of you who have not, here’s a quick primer (via Puck Daddy):

Hickey returned to his car after the game to find a tire slashed, a hubcap broken in two and his windows covered in beer. The worst offense? His license plate had been stolen, causing Hickey to spend part of Monday in a Philadelphia police department filing a theft report.

By this act alone , it’s abundantly clear that the person responsible for this display of vandalism is a knuckle-dragging mouth-breather. But it gets even better. Or worse, depending on which way you look at it. Hickey actually managed to track down the perpetrator. How? The moron posted a photo of the stolen license plates on his Facebook page. That some straight-up woodhead action right there.

The writer said he would not press charges – he estimated there was about $1,000 in damages – as long as the man made a public apology and donated $1,000 to a Philadelphia charity.

Hickey said the Flyers were “ecstatic” when he told them he had found the man and that they would pursue the matter.

While I do admire the class he has demonstrated throughout this entire ordeal, it’s a shame that Hickey isn’t pressing charges. People like Semi-Retarded Vandal Guy shouldn’t be allowed to walk the streets. Or breed, for that matter. Does that mean I advocate castration for law breakers who demonstrate the intellectual capacity of a Neandertal? No, but it’s not a bad idea. In theory, of course.

UPDATE: According to a report from The Philadelphia Inquirer (via Out of Bounds), the man who was identified as the vandal has denied responsibility for the damage done to Hickey’s car. From the Inquirer report:

Flannery is a Flyers fan but says he was not at the game at the Wachovia Center the night Hickey’s car was vandalized and the Quebec license plate was stolen.

Flannery said a friend alerted him to a news report that linked him to the car vandalizing. “It said they found the person that did it but they really didn’t because it wasn’t me.”

He admitted he posted a photo of Hickey’s license plate on his Facebook page, but said he did not vandalize the car. “I know who did it,” he said. He would not be specific and said he planned to call the police this afternoon.

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