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Cowboys Receiver Roy Williams Is Really Setting The Bar High For Next Season

After stating the he and Tony Romo are going to be like Joe Montana and Jerry Rice, Roy Williams is again yapping about how everything is going to change in the upcoming season. And if his recent statement – which exudes confidence, by the way – are any indication, the sky is the limit for this guy:

“I promise you I won’t lead the league in drops. I know that,” Williams said. “People are off my bandwagon, which I don’t mind. I’d be off my bandwagon, too.”

Awesome. At least he had the decency to admit the downward spiral that has defined his career when he acknowledges he really hasn’t done anything to warrant support. But I don’t know, maybe he’s on to something here. Here’s hoping for the best for Roy Williams as he attempts to not lead the league in drops this season. Hey, as the great Casey Kasem always said, “Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.” Unfortunately for Williams, if he by chance happened to snag one of those stars, he would most assuredly drop it.

Cowboys’ Roy Williams: ‘I promise you I won’t lead the league in drops’ [The Dallas Morning News]
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