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Timberwolves GM Rips The Lottery, Makes An Enemy For Life Of David Stern


He had to go and do it, didn’t he? If it weren’t bad enough for Minnesota’s star-crossed NBA franchise, Wolves GM David Kahn had to go and rip the NBA Lottery. Considering the team’s historic bad luck with the lottery (in the 13 times the team has participated, they have never moved up in the draft), one can hardly blame him for being frustrated, but to actually refer to the NBA Draft Lottery as “hideous”? Bad idea jeans, dude.

“It’s truly a hideous experience,” Kahn said. “It’s just the worse. First of all, they have you go early. You have no control of what’s going to happen.”

Yeah, that run of bad luck the T-Wolves have historically experienced with the lottery, Kahn? Better get used to it. You have just screwed yourself – and the team that employs you – royally. Nobody criticizes David Stern’s Wacky Bit, no matter how ridiculous a spectacle it might be.

T’Wolves’ Kahn calls lottery ‘hideous experience’, discusses Rubio [SI]

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