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There Are Worse Things Than Being The Meat In An Andrews Sisters Sandwich

Here we have the lovely Andrews sisters mugging for photos with Erin’s Dancing With The Stars partner Maksim Whatshisfaceskiy at some Hollywood shindig. As mentioned above, it could be worse for the Russian dancer: he could instead have been the meat in The Andrews Sisters sandwich, the aptly-named “Boogie Woogie BLT.” At the same time, bacon is delicious, and if I did have to be a cured meat, it would most certainly be bacon.

Where was I? Oh yeah. Erin and Kendra Andrews. The gals are looking might spiffy in those outfits. If Maksim didn’t bust out a “You’re With Me, Leather” reference he should be ashamed of himself for more things than not buttoning up his shirt appropriately. Does that look come with a complimentary bath in Axe Body Spray? If it doesn’t, it should.

[H/T (with more photos) Busted Coverage]