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Lindsey Vonn Threw Out The First Pitch Before The Cubs Game At Wrigley Field

Battling nerves, Lindsey Vonn threw out the first pitch before yesterday’s Cubs-Rockies game. Unfortunately, there appears to be no account on how well she performed, but if her past is any indication, she suffered a brutal wipeout while warming up, milked the injury for as long as possible, then zipped a heater right down Broadway.

Vonn also sang “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” during the Seventh Inning Stretch. Once again, no word on the quality of her performance.

“I knew I would be nervous,” said Vonn, who had her sister, two cousins and 37,029 fans as backup singers.

“It worked out perfectly for me. I got to meet players from both teams, and they were great,” Vonn said between autographs.

Between her appearance at Wrigley Field and her upcoming role on Law & Order set to air May 24th, Vonn is the rare case of a Winter Olympic athlete managing to stay in the spotlight and maintain their popularity for more than two days after Closing Ceremonies.

Good for her. And look at her –  she’s so darned cute to boot.

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