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Favre Has Not Retired From Making Stacks Of Cash From Signing Memorabilia Just Yet

Nor will he anytime soon, regardless of whether or not he elects to grace the Minnesota Vikings, the NFL, all its fans and really, the entire ever-loving universe with his presence in a purple uniform next season.

Courtesy of the Star Tribune blog Access Vikings comes news that on July 15th, Favre will conduct a private memorabilia signing. What’s a private memorabilia signing, you ask? Simple: you will not actually be able to experience Brett just having fun out there signing stuff when you plunk down your hard-earned money for his Herbie Hancock – all items must be mailed in care of the organizer of the event, Radtke Sports, where they will next be placed in front of the Gunslinger for his signature at some undisclosed, secret location.

Among the items available, as well as some interesting restrictions:

The signing will take place July 15th, 2010.

All send in items must be received no later than Wednesday, July 14th, 2010.

***We are limited to 100 send in items for this signing. Items will be accepted in the order they are received.

Pricing is as follows for send in items.

1.) Full Size Helmet-$400
2.) Jersey-$400
3.) Football-$250
4.) Mini Helmet-$175
5.) Flats 11×14 and over-$250 **Note we will not accept any items over a 16×20**
6.) Flats under 11×14-$175
7.) Inscriptions- $100 (Inscriptions will be limited to SB XXXI Champs, and 3x MVP. No exceptions. He will also make items out to an individual. Example “To Bob”.

But what if your name isn’t Bob? No problemo. Favre will gladly sign the item “To Mike” or “To Antonio” or “To Mooch”, for instance, but under no circumstances will he sign anything “To Aaron,” for obvious reasons. Also, Favre apparently “reserves the right to not sign an item for whatever reason.” Does that mean I shouldn’t even bother sending in my Brett Favre Mural I created solely out of human hair, doll parts and grassĀ  clippings? That stinks.

What Brett will do on his summer vacation [Access Vikings]