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Cripes, There Are Even Douchebag Yankees Fans In Outer Space Now

Seriously, is this the first thing we want the little green men to see upon visiting to our planet (besides our anuses)? Some obnoxious Yankees fan traipsing around weightless with a Yankees logo on his arm? And if they make the unfortunate mistake of engaging him in conversation, the poor bastards will be subjected to him prattling on and on endlessly about the Bronx Bombers and even though they have mastered interstellar travel they cannot compare to the supreme being that is Derek Jeter? Fuggedaboutit. It won’t be a Close Encounters kind of interaction with the aliens – it will end up much more like Battlefield Earth…or something. I guess. It’s not like anybody ever watched that miserable waste of celluloid, right? Pick some other bad-ass aliens movie instead if you need to.

Ahhh, I’m just kidding. Just trying to rankle the easily-ruffled feathers of Yankees fans out there. You know who you are.

What you see above is an image released this week by NASA depicting astronaut Garrett Reisman going about his business while making repairs to the Space Shuttle Atlantis during a spacewalk on Monday while the ship was docked at the International Space Station. Before embarking on the seven-and-a-half hour spacewalk, Reisman drew the Yankees logo on his suit.

Via the New York Post:

The logo could clearly be seen on his left arm during the live telecast, along with a “27” on his equipment. The Bombers won their 27th championship last year.

Reisman is so insane about his hometown team that in April 2008, on his maiden voyage, he made history by throwing out the first pitch in orbit — or at least simulating the toss while on the space station.

That odd weightless curve was televised on the Stadium’s JumboTron during a game against Boston.

That’s pretty bad-ass. Even for a Yankees fan.

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