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The Minnesota Timberwolves Take Their Lottery Lucky Charms Literally

The Minnesota Timberwolves: they’re magically atrocious!

Especially as it pertains to the franchise’s fortunes when it comes to the NBA Draft Lottery (according to record, in 1992, they should have landed Shaquille O’Neal and instead got…Christian Laettner. Hello?).

The Timberwolves were nice enough to send a mocked-up box of Lucky Charms to Star Tribune blogger Michael Rand of the magnificent RandBall for his perusal, and as he points out, the back of the box attests to Minnesota’s lottery woes:

“In their 12 previous lottery appearances, the Wolves have remained in the same draft position six times and fallen six times. Minnesota has never moved up in the draft through the lottery.”

So, after attempting several unconventional methods to assure themselves some lottery luck in year’s past and failing miserably, the T-Wolves decided to think “inside of the (cereal) box” this season and had Minnesota-based company General Mills come up with a custom-designed Timberwolves-themed box of Lucky Charms. Brilliant!

Nevertheless, in their 13th appearance in the lottery, my guess is their bad fortunes will continue and they will either stay the same or drop, despite their mascot Crunch dressing up in full-on leprechaun mode for the front of a locally produced cereal box. Whee.

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