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Texas Driving Experience? More Like Texas Dying Experience, Am I Right?

An 87-year-old man has died from injuries sustained in a crash at Dallas Motor Speedway on Saturday. I should point out he wasn’t driving, but nevertheless, Fred “Don” Krusemark has shuffled off this mortal coil and went to the Great Pit Stop In The Sky.

Krusemark was a passenger in a corvette whose driver lost control and crashed into a wall. To make matters worse – if that’s possible – Krusemark was participating in the drive along as a reward due to how much blood he has donated to the facility Carter BloodCare. Yeesh.

The ride along is a standard program put on by some organization called the Texas Driving Experience. The company claims on its website that it provides “safe, educational, fun programs” at the race track. Yeah, not so much.

The website lists events that include allowing participants to “don a racing suit and helmet, get strapped into a racecar, and get private instruction from a professional racer while driving the 1-mile Infield Road Course at Texas Motor Speedway.”

Participants can also participate in a “Pit Crew Challenge” to see how fast they can work as a team to change tires on a racecar using real pit crew power tools.

Carter BloodCare, in its infinite wisdom, has not yet decided whether or not it will continue giving out free passes for the Texas Driving Experience as a reward to its clients, citing its popularity among donors. Perhaps they will reconsider after someone participating in the above-mentioned “Pit Crew Challenge” gets dragged around the track for a couple of miles. We’ll have to wait and see.

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