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Finally, David Arquette Puts His Role In ‘Ready To Rumble’ To Good Use

Because it sure as hell didn’t help advance his acting career at all.

David Arquette, when he is not driving his wife Courtney Cox back and forth to her weekly collagen injections (seriously, have you seen her lips on Cougar Town?), takes in a fair amount of Los Angeles Lakers games, sitting among the “beautiful people” courtside.

Last night, during the Lakers’ Game 1 victory over the Phoenix Suns, Arquette became part of the action – in a way. Reports are sketchy at the moment, but apparently, a scuffle ensued between security personnel and a man who walked out onto the court. Somehow, Court Stormer Guy managed to subdue the security guard and had him pinned to the ground like a fall guy in a pro wrestling match. That’s when Arquette’s training for his titular role as Gordie Boggs in the wrestling film, Ready To Rumble, were put into action. Arquette came to the assistance of the pinned security guard and as you can see above, ended up flat on his back for his bravery.

A Staples Center spokesperson would not confirm Arquette’s heroic actions, but did divulge that an incident had taken place. Via ESPN Los Angeles:

“At the end of the game, a fan came out of the stands and out on to the court,” Roth said. “Any time a fan breaches the court, you don’t know what their intentions are. We approached him and asked him to leave and when he didn’t want to leave, there was some force used.”

Allow me to give David Arquette credit for putting his well-being on the line during his attempt to restore order to the anarchic environment which typically characterizes the courtside area of the Staples Center. As an actor, he couldn’t t buy this kind of publicity. Just ask Arquette’s wife’s former co-star, Matt LeBlanc. Crap, LeBlanc would take the notoriety of being the guy who stormed the court at this point.

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