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Roy Williams Claims He And Tony Romo Will Be Like Rice And Montana This Season

Dallas Cowboys v Denver Broncos

It might be time for the Dallas Cowboys to have a nice sit-down with wide receiver Roy Williams and inform him of the great Abraham Lincoln quote that “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”

During an appearance on ESPN 1300 in Houston, the underachieving wide receiver addressed many topics, including how he felt about the Cowboys drafting Dez Bryant to how it felt to be in the playoffs for the first time in his career last season. But Williams brought out the big, idiotic guns when they asked him if he and Romo have improved their chemistry (via Sports Radio Interviews):

“You know, last year around this time we were throwing and catching and it wasn’t very good. Just to be quite honest with you, we were missing balls, and bad throws and drops and all that in the offseason that carried over to the season. But this year, we’re connecting like Montana and Rice. It’s night and day from last year so I know we’re expecting big things for both of us.”

He didn’t actually say that, did he? Hoo boy. How about this instead? He might want to improve dramatically on his measly, career-best 38 receptions last season before he starts comparing himself to a Hall of Famer. Further, it would be wise for Williams to perhaps hesitate from  comparing Tony Romo to Joe Montana until he improves his postseason performances a tad. Just a thought.

Roy Williams Confident He and Tony Romo are Poised for Big Things in ‘10: “This year, we’re connecting like Montana and Rice…” [Sports Radio Interviews]