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Rick Reilly, Woody Paige Could Be Headed For A Douchey Showdown Over Tim Tebow

The above headline might be over-sensationalizing it a bit, but who does Rick Reilly think he is coming into Paige’s town and badmouthing the second coming of  Denver quarterbacking divinity?

Reilly, in town to promote his atrocious new book, Sports from Hell, sat down for an interview with Denver television station KMGH-7 and talked smack about Tebow and sneaked in a rip on head coach Josh McDaniels. Reilly, a longtime friend of John Elway, said that he strongly disagrees with the legend’s opinion that Tebow will one day be the starting quarterback of the Broncos (video here):

“What the hell does Elway know? Elway doesn’t know anything about this guy. He can’t throw the 30-yard out. He doesn’t have a professional arm. I mean he’s going to be great on the Jake Plummer roll-outs and those kind of plays. He’ll be good in the West Coast Offense. But, you know, I have seen McGenius make a smart move yet, so why are people so sure this is the smartest move ever.”

That kind of heretical talk will not sit well with Denver Post scribe Woody Paige, a Tebow disciple ever since the quarterback rolled into town. Paige had penned numerous columns praising Tebow that have bordered on religious fanaticism. I imagine Paige will take offense to some big-time national media blowhard coming into his quiet mountain community and criticizing the Tebowner, especially in light of the opening from Paige’s most recent Tebow Psalm:

T-Bo. Timmy Today. Tim Tremendous. Bronco Tebow. Ion Man. Tim The Enchanter. Tebow & Arrow. TB-1-Kenobi.

Rambow makes his debut, alongside the other rookies, with the Broncos’ veterans at the team’s (in)voluntary minicamp today through Wednesday. He’s back — to stay in Denver most of the spring, summer, fall and winter and probably here to stay all of his career.

Get used to it.

To those in Colorado, throughout the country and around the World Wide Web who have claimed recently they won’t read another word about Tim Tebow, but are proving daily they will hang on every word about MystiQB:

Deal with it.

Fine, we’ll deal with it, but how about this? Paige and Reilly engage each other in a no-holds barred douche-off and then hope the locale of said battle is struck by a meteor. Hey, we can dream, right?

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