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51% Of Englishmen Would Pass On Nailing Cheryl Cole If It Meant Winning World Cup

Wait. What?

According to some poll by British milkshake Frijj, more than half of those asked claim they would rather see England win the World Cup than experience a night of sexual bliss with British pop star hottie Cheryl Cole, which leads me to believe one of two things:

  1. The men polled are dirty rotten liars; or
  2. The men polled are a bunch of fancy boys.

What other options are there? Granted, the last time England won the World Cup was 1966, and we all know how soccer crazy they are over their in Merry Old England, but seriously? Believe me, I would love to see the Vikings win a Super Bowl, but at what cost? At what cost? We are talking about Cheryl-freaking-Cole here. Look at her!

Other results from the poll also indicate that 10% of the men would dump their girlfriends to win it all and a whopping 12% would give up sex for a year in exchange for World Cup glory. To which I say. Bully. Bully on you, English poll taker guys.

Neuropsychologist David Lewis argues that this sort of impassioned behavior when one would deprive oneself from gratification or a relationship in exchange for success of one’s favorite sports team stems from the brain region nucleus accumbens.

“It floods mind and body with ‘feel-good’ chemicals when we anticipate something pleasurable,” he said. “So you could say that fans are giving themselves an intense but perfectly legal high as they anticipate an English victory.”

Whatever. Screw the anticipation of an English victory in the stupid World Cup, imagine the flood of chemicals pumping through your brain while anticipating a romp in the sack with Cheryl Cole. Crap, my cat scan of my brain would resemble New Orleans post-Katrina, for crying out loud. “Feel-good”chemicals would be pouring out of my friggin’ ears, among other places.

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