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If Tiger Moved On To Banging Sexy Women From Video Games, Who Would They Be?

In light of the tumultuous past seven months in Tiger’s life on and off the course and the appearance that it isn’t improving dramatically, no one could hold it against him if all he wanted to do was enter into a virtual world of his making, away from all the mistresses, divorce attorneys and chiropractors. Obviously, with his official separation from Elin appearing more and more imminent with every passing day, Tiger would need to stock this artificial world with the best of the best as it pertains to hottie virtual women. But who would they be?

Thankfully, in counting down the Top 10 video game chicks Tiger has been rumored to be nailing, the folks over at Machinima, in their web series “TEN FTW” tackled that very issue. Granted, the video after the jump has been out there for six months, but it’s a relatively slow news day for a blogger unless you want to write about LeBron James. Ugh. So bear with me, the video was new to me and perhaps it might be new to you.

The two guys discussing the video game chicks in the video are pretty funny and aren’t restricted to PG conversations, so the banter in the video ain’t half bad, so that helps.

And for those of you fanboys out there who can’t watch the video and get your jollies off video game chicks (pervs), below are the Top 10 ladies:

Number 10: Lara Croft, Tomb Raider

Number 9: Rayne, Bloodrayne

Number 8: Rayne, Metal Gear Solid

Number 7: Jill Valentine, Resident Evil

Number 6: Sarah Kerrigan, StarCraft

Number 5: Tifa Lockhart, Final Fantasy

Number 4: Cortana, Halo

Number 3: Ivy Valentine, Soulcaliber

Number 2: Birdo, Mario Bros. Series

Number 1: Zoey, Left For Dead

Hubba hubba. If this scenario ever played out and Tiger receded into a synthesized world of his own creation (he probably has the money),  I wonder if Tiger would ever be looking for a virtual roommate.