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WWE Official: Professional Wrestling Better Than ‘Real’ Sports

In an interview with, WWE International department head Andrew Whitaker boasted of the superiority of the product the WWE churns out on a weekly basis compared to the uninspiring, boring, substandard product that more traditional, “real” sports continue to put out for consumption.

Via The Sun:

“We can calibrate the delivery of each episode across the course of a year, to run a storyline over a period of time.

“So while it’s compelling, in most instances, watching pure sport, the reality is, in some instances, we have an advantage in the sense that we are able to calibrate the delivery of our content and how it’s delivered on a daily and weekly basis.”

He’s right to a certain point. It’s not like a lot of people are following real sports anymore. This Whitaker fellow doesn’t need to tell me organizations like the NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA are on their last legs. It’s abundantly clear these fly-by-night leagues are totally on the decline.

Whitaker points out that wrestling’s existence as an entertainment medium trumps any inherent shortcomings of their product.

“Obviously, the E is in our name. WWE is an entertainment company. It is a globally known brand now.

“Part of our being able to go public has allowed us to be able to do that.

“We see ourselves very much as an entertainment company that happens to also produce product in this genre and is the kind of — let’s call it the flagship leader — of that particular genre of programming.”

Wait. Professional wrestling isn’t real? All this time arguing with people about it, putting my integrity on the line, and it was all for nothing? Hillbilly Jim and Junkyard Dog – you guys lied to me, ya jerks!!!

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