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The Worst Seat At Target Field

Hey, at least it’s a seat outside, right?

This was the seat occupied by Pioneer Press reporter Amy Nelson Tuesday night as the Twins took on the White Sox. It is Section S, Row 13, Seat 1, right outside of the Legends Club suite entrance. You might notice that a person occupying the seat cannot see home plate from this vantage point, which means, of course, you cannot bear witness to the Great Sideburned King Of Minnesota, Joe Mauer, as he reigns over his sparkling new kingdom from behind home plate.

Nelson should have known something was up after the usher directed her to her seat and her seatmates began giving her the business:

When I asked an usher where to find my seat, she said it was right outside the Legends Club suite entrance. She didn’t wink or give me a knowing look of sympathy, but when I finally sat down, the guys next to me filled me in: ‘You’re in the worst seat,’ Drew Wood said.

His friend Scottie Tuska explained: “People keep coming by to take photos of themselves sitting there.”

Nelson was a good sport about it and said that she could caught the entire game between watching the action on the field and utilizing the ginormous video screen.

And hey, she was still outside watching a ballgame, right? Right.

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