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The NFL Is Totally Harshing On The 420 FL’s Mellow, Man

This is exactly why the NFL is often referred to as the “No Fun League,” brah.

The owner of the upstart 420 FL, a “sport” where the distance the ball moves up and down the field is dependent on how long a player can hold in bong rip, has received a cease and desist letter from the NFL for trademark infringement. The letter cites that the 420 FL’s logo could “tarnish the image of the NFL … and dilutes the strength and value of the NFL trademark.”

Come on, man, those logos are completely different. First of all, the NFL logo has starts whereas the 420 FL logo has pot leaves. And the color schemes are like, totally different.

Before the NFL came and ruined the good times, below are the reasons provided why a person should consider declaring for the 420 FL draft:

*Great opportunity to become a 420 Star and personality!

*Show the world just how good you really are!

*You could make it into the 420 Hall of Fame!

*Meet new friends and have fun!

So there you have it. If you would like to know more about the little league that could, but then kinda forgot about what it was doing, then totally refocused on the task at hand only to receive a majorly lame letter from the NFL which totally made it like super hard to pull off, the 420 FL does have an official site (, but be forewarned: there is a whole bunch of marijuana smoking-related stuff on that site. Shocking right? Also, here’s a compelling photo gallery depicting some of the 420 FL’s biggest stars in trading card form. Yep. Trading cards.

Wow. I imagine it would be kind of intimidating to be in the presence of so many great athletes.

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