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Indulge Your Twisted Kevin Costner Obsession And Buy The ‘Field Of Dreams’ Site

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who hate Kevin Costner and those who really hate Kevin Costner.  Well, that might not necessarily be the case, but those two segments do include a majority of people, right?

Myself? Can’t stand the guy. I haven’t even seen Field of Dreams. Although I have seen Message in a Bottle over 50 times. Don’t judge me and my romantically sentimental ways.

Well, for those of you in the minority who can tolerate watching Kevin Costner and keep buying tickets to his craptastic movies, here is some good news: Don and Becky Lansing of Dyersville, Iowa are selling the property where one of several celluloid homages to America’s pastime by Costner Field of Dreams, was filmed. The property has been in Don Lansing’s family for well over a century but the Lansings feel that the time is right to move on.

Included in the property sale: the legendary baseball diamond, which the Lansings have maintained ever since Universal Studios built it for the film, a two bedroom house, six outbuildings, and a 193-acre parcel of land.

Although a sale price has not been determined (updated: per the AP, the listing price is $5.4 million), those interested should be aware of one caveat: after filming wrapped and due to incredibly interest, the Lansings developed the site into a museum.  Tourists flock from all over the country to take in the sights and…I don’t know, run the bases and stuff and admission is free. I suppose the new buyers could begin charging admission and make a little money off of it, but either way, be prepared to have a bunch of slack-jawed gawkers peering into your kitchen window every damn day.

But it certainly appears the Lansings have not regretted one minute of the time they spent maintaining the field and being a tangential part of movie history. From the For Sale: The Field of Dreams site:

Universal Studios built this famous field in just four days during the summer of 1988, and since then, it has become so much more than just a field. Located at the intersection of fantasy and reality, it’s a living piece of movie history where tens of thousands of people each year come to have a game of catch, to hit a few balls or just spend time with the people they love – the real message of the hit movie.

Our family is proud to have preserved the Field of Dreams for baseball lovers, movie lovers, and baseball movie lovers, all these years. Now it’s time for us to relax in the bleachers, join the spectators, and watch as this magical place continues to grow.

Sound like nice folks. But what would you expect? They are Iowans. Those people are the salt of the earth, I tell ya.  What else are they going to be? It’s Iowa, for crying out loud. Most of the time, they’re just relieved to know that people realize they exist.

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