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Imagine The Bedlam In Montreal If Habs Go On To Win Their First Stanley Cup

They partied hardy after their beloved Canadiens upended the number one seed Washington Capitals in the first round and last night, they took to the streets of Montreal once again after the Habs upset the defending champion Pittsburgh Penguins in dominating fashion in Game 7 of that series. 41 arrests have been reported from last night’s revelry, but many more than that probably be thanking their lucky stars they didn’t wind up in the hoosegow.

It appears with each series victory, the frivolity and unfortunately, the violence seems to get taken up a notch. What worries me about this escalation of riotous behavior is what in God’s name would happen if the Montreal Canadiens actually won the whole enchilada and brought home Lord Stanley’s Cup to la ville aux cent clochers (that’s French for the city of cent clohers, by the way)?

What’s that? The Canadiens have won the Stanley Cup 24 times in the franchise’s history? So why do their fans get all crazy and crap when they win a measly early round playoff series? That doesn’t make sense. I guess we should just blame it all on the influence of those damn Frenchies.

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