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Padres Pitcher Diagnoses Own Appendicitis With The Help Of His Trusty iPhone

iPhones. What can’t they do?

San Diego Padres reliever Tim Stauffer woke up in the middle of the night early Tuesday morning in his hotel room not feeling so hot, so he did what any sensible person would do: he entered his symptoms into a medical website on his iPhone. The site’s prognosis wasn’t good: possible appendicitis. So Stauffer called Padres head trainer Todd Hutcheson to seek advice.

From The San Diego Tribune:

“He had himself diagnosed,” said Hutcheson. “He said, ‘I think I have appendicitis.’ ”

Hours later, indeed, Stauffer no longer had an appendix. Able to get to St. Mary’s Hospital via taxi and address the issue before his inflamed appendix burst, Stauffer underwent a minimally invasive (one-stitch) laparoscopy. Placed on the disabled list, Stauffer initially was projected to miss perhaps four weeks of playing time.

Wow. These modern cell phone thingamajigs are some wonderful contraptions. I should really consider upgrading mine. It’s probably due time, huh?

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