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Make-A-Wish And Ronald McDonald House Don’t Mind Roethlisberger’s Dirtbag Ways

Maybe if he wore that helmet more often, Big Ben wouldn’t be having so many problems with antisocial behavior.

It doesn’t quite add up, does it? In light of two alleged incidents of sexual assault, a company that sells friggin’ beef jerky drops Ben Roethlisberger like a bag of dirt, but two worthwhile, well-meaning and well-respected charities stand by Big Ben as he weathers yet another storm entirely of his making.

Make-A-Wish and the Ronald McDonald House charities remain committed to Roethlisberger despite the fact he is a ginormous egotistical asshole. Although Judith Stone, the President of Make-A-Wish Pittsburgh admits that she was “heartbroken and very surprised” when she heard about Roethlisberger’s recent men’s room dalliances, her organization will stick by their guy. Why? Because some misguided children with terrible parents still want to meet Big Ben, just hopefully when he’s not totally inebriated and scoping for unsuspecting victims chicks.

Via The Trenches:

“Our relationship with Ben is exactly as it has always been. Nothing has changed,” Judith Stone said. “It’s the child’s wish. Of all the wishes in the whole world, if they want to meet Big Ben, that’s the wish.”

The executive director of Ronald McDonald Charities concurs. She also adds he’s great with kids.

“He is so good with our kids,” executive director Barbara Reed Martin told “When he talks to them, he makes them feel as if they were the only person in the room.”

While making them feel that they are the only person in the room might be nice, Roethlisberger actually being alone with a person in a room is what seems to keep getting him in trouble.

Further, you may recall a blog post by John Steigerwald which seems to contradict what these two ladies are saying about Roethlisberger. Steigerwald, a long-time Pittsburgh media member, just hammered Roethlisberger in the post and recanted a story he heard about the quarterback ditching out on meeting a sick child:

A couple of years ago I heard from a woman who said that Roethlisberger blew off a Make-A-Wish kid. When KDKA-TVs News Director, John Verrilli, was shown the email, he made it clear that it was a story that his news department would not be pursuing. I eventually got in contact with the parents of the little girl who the jackass snubbed. They said the story was true but they didn’t want to go public with it for their daughter’s sake. The little girl had cystic fibrosis.

So, which one is it? Do I believe the statements regarding Roethlisberger made by two nice ladies who work for reputable charities who say Ben is a great guy or this John Steigerwald fellow, who clearly is not terribly impressed with Roethlisberger and may have a hidden agenda? I’m sorry, but I’ll have to go with Steigerwald. Why? Because when you can rock a Ron Burgandy mustache like he does and still find work, you have to be doing something right.

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