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Vikings Kicker Ryan Longwell Fails To Qualify For U.S. Open

After shooting a sub-par 83 in a local qualifier at the MetroWest Golf Club in Orlando, Vikings kicker Ryan Longwell failed to advance to the next stage of sectional qualifying for the 2010 U.S. Open. Longwell, an accomplished golfer who one day hopes to transition from professional football player to professional golfer, still had a blast while playing with amateur Phillip Choi, who had the best round at MetroWest yesterday.

“Didn’t play great but had two bad breaks which led to big numbers,” Longwell said via text message. “Had two (double bogeys) and a quad. Only 1 birdie. … A lot of fun though!!”

“It was really fun, and I’ll be much better next time just having been through it once,” Longwell said. “Also great to see Philip shoot lights out and see how it’s done!”

Perhaps Longwell should ask his neighbor, Tiger Woods, for some playing advice. Since Woods is not currently playing due to that bulging disk injury, it isn’t like Tiger has a lot on his plate right now or anything…

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