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Tony La Russa Is All About The Pussy(cats)

St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa, a longtime animal activist, will be making an appearance on the Animal Planet show Housecat Housecall this season to discuss, identify and help train “therapy cats” and the way in which they are utilized by his organization, ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation).

Via Daily Pitch:

La Russa created ARF in 1991, a year after he befriended a stray cat that wandered on the field while he was managing an Oakland A’s game. He was dismayed there weren’t any “no-kill” rescue shelters in the East Bay.

His organization’s mission is aimed at improving the bond between animals and humans, by designing “progressive programs” for groups that can benefit from the healing contact of animals.

You have to give La Russa credit where credit is due. His passion and dedication in helping protect and save helpless animals who have been more or less forgotten and cast aside by society is commendable. Although I suppose we shouldn’t be too surprised that La Russa finds this kind of work so rewarding – just look at the tremendous job he did rescuing Mark McGwire from certain oblivion. A lot of people thought McGwire should have been put down, too.

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