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Lane Kiffin Advanced To The Sweet 16 In Esquire’s ‘Sexiest Woman Alive Madness’

After easily handling Natalie Gulbis in the first round (55%-45%) and weathering a hard-fought battle, even losing at one point but finishing strong in the round of 32, but ultimately prevailing over Danica Patrick (56%-44%), loverboy-football-coaching-hottie Lane Kiffin is now finds himself in the Sweet 16 of Esquire‘s Sexiest Woman Alive Madness Bracket.

But as you can see above, the deeper you go in the tourney the stiffer the competition. Kiffin will have his hands full in this round with the stunning soccer-playing beauty Heather Mitts.

Here’s how Esquire sees the epic matchup:

He’s not the tourney’s only Cinderella, but Lane Kiffin does have the distinction of being its only male contestant. Through grit and sheer anti-determination (and maybe because he takes such good care of his hair), Kiffin was able to make it farther than Tennessee fans — and even the selection committee — ever thought possible. Especially considering his pump-up routine.

As for Heather Mitts, it’s no surprise that voters would be unfamiliar with her program. She plays soccer… in the United States. Although Kiffin may have the higher national profile, Mitts does have a slight advantage: She is a woman. (And in the span of her career, she’s won only twelve fewer football games.)

Zing. With 10 days left to vote, you best get yourself over to the site and vote for your favorite hotties of the year. Start with voting for Kiffin here.

If Kiffin can somehow manage to vanquish Miss Mitts, the road to the Final Four will prove to be a difficult one to say the least. The other matchup in the Sports bracket is a no-holds-barred grope-fest (we wish) between Stacy Kiebler and Tanith Belbin. Nice.

But if Kiffin has proven one thing, it’s that he is extremely unpredictable and a wily competitor. If I were a betting man, I would put my money on Kiffin over Mills. He’s got moxie and loads of spunk inside of him.

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