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Lame: ESPN Attempting To Cash In On Erin Andrews’ Pain And Suffering

You do know who the real victim ended up being when Erin Andrews was videotaped nude in her hotel room, don’t you? No, it wasn’t Erin Andrews, who was victimized by a scumbag to such an extent her sense of privacy, safety and security may have been permanently compromised. Come on, don’t be so naive, people.

Nope, the real suffering experienced in light of the hell Erin Andrews went through last year was not her, but her employer, ESPN, of course. Duh.

According to TMZ, ESPN is attempting to recoup some of the money it was forced to spend on an increased security detail for Erin Andrews after the Peepholegate mess blew wide open last year to the tune of $327,442.27. The network filed documents in federal court in California yesterday requesting that Michael David Barrett, currently serving 30 months for recording Andrews  in her hotel room, pony up the money to help out the cash-starved network. I am sure he has that kind of scratch readily available. Convicted felons always have more than a quarter million in cash laying around, right?

Given its status as a rinky-dink, fly-by-night, upstart operation barely squeaking by to make ends meet, I suppose we can hardly blame ESPN for trying to get some of that money back. I mean jeez people, tWWL is rubbing two pennies together as it is, for Pete’s sake.

ESPN Demands $300k from Erin Andrews’ Stalker [TMZ]