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Yowsers: 15-Year-Old Kid Impales Himself On A Javelin

Yesterday, some boys discovered a javelin in the bushes in front of the Westmont Park Community Center in Pomona, California. Right after throwing the javelin, another kid, 15, ran around a corner of a building and impaled himself on the javelin which was embedded in the ground. From CBS News:

Daniel Hearn said he saw the teen running toward the javelin and fall to his knees after he was injured.

He says the boy tripped and the javelin entered near his hip and came out through his buttocks.

Other witnesses at the scene said the teen seemed like he was in shock as he grabbed the javelin with both hands and pulled it out.

Holy crap. You know, if the yahoos in charge of track and field would have adopted the kind of javelin Lamar Latrell threw in Revenge of the Nerds, disasters like these could be easily avoided. But it is rare for big time organizations to consider the wisdom imparted by 1980s raunchy team comedies. It’s a shame, really.

Thankfully, the boy is reportedly now in stable condition at an area hospital, but that does not sound like a pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Or any afternoon, for that matter. Except maybe Tuesday afternoons. They blow.

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