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Keith Hernandez Also Fell Asleep Often During Just For Men Commercial Shoots

There are few jobs more demanding than being the analyst a baseball broadcast, especially when the game goes into extra innings. Mets color man Keith Hernandez had a case of the nappies Saturday night during New York’s extra inning affair with the San Francisco Giants, which the Mets ultimately won by a score of 5-4. Thankfully, a producer woke up Hernandez so I assume he must have caught the thrilling ending. He later described his little unscheduled snooze as a “cat nap,” which seems about right since Hernandez always has and always will be all about the pussy.

Still, the man fell asleep during a live broadcast. Jerry Lewis essentially stays awake for three straight days during his telethon every year and he has had one foot in the grave for going on 30 years now. But ultimately can we really blame Keith Hernandez? Life ain’t easy for the guy. First of all, his ‘stache is trash, and if he had a beard, it would most certainly be weird. Plus, you never know, maybe Hernandez had to get up earlier than his usual wake-up time – 10:00 a.m. – for a golf outing or something.

Yeah, these broadcasting guys sure got it rough, man. But you have to admire the restraint and class shown by Keith’s broadcasting partner, Gary Cohen. I will tell you this: Clyde Frazier wouldn’t have put up with that bull crap.

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