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Wall Street Journal: Mets Fans Are A Bunch Of Drunken Oafs

At least when compared to their more sophisticated, non-inebriated Yankees fans counterparts. Hey, it’s the friggin’ Wall Street Journal that arrived at this determination, people, not me.

The Wall Street Journal hired the polling firm Public Opinion Strategies to conduct a survey of 650 men and women from all five boroughs whose ultimate goal was to ascertain the differences between those people who claim to be Mets fans and those who claim to be Yankees fans.

While similar in many aspects across social, political and economic indicators, there was, however, one substantial difference between the two fanbases, at least within the male population:

But the biggest distinction of all had nothing to do with income, education or neighborhood. It wasn’t what they read or do for fun or prefer as a pet. It was their relationship with alcohol.

Male Mets fans were 43% more likely than Yankees fans to drink beer. They also drink more in general: the percentage of male Yankees fans who said they don’t drink was almost double that of their Mets counterparts (30% to 16%).

And that, my friends, is a scientific fact and we all know you can’t argue with science.

Another troubling finding, considering the Mets’ propensity for choking: more Mets male fans own a gun (11%) compared to Yankees fans (5%), a fact which is of great concern to Yankees backer Sal Richichi, 30, an electrician from Sheepshead Bay:

“Blame their team…I don’t think a Mets fan should be having a gun in the house.”

Well stated, Sal. I think we can all rally around that statement.

Yankees fans are from Mars… [The Wall Street Journal]