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I Guess Nutrisystem Doesn’t Think Alleged Rapists Want To Lose Weight

Jeez, talk about a company completely turning its back on the potential of an entirely new market of prospective customers.

TMZ reported earlier this morning that in light of hisĀ  recent troubles involving 16-year-old girls, a pimp and a hotel room, Nutrisytem has dropped Lawrence Taylor as a spokesperson for their crappy-ass product. As you can see above, LT has been wiped clean from the company’s website and replaced by Canadian baseball-playing superstar Matt Stairs.

Matt Stairs?

TMZ spoke to a rep at the weight loss company, who told us, “We are shocked and saddened by these very serious allegations against Lawrence Taylor.”

The rep added, “Based on the severity of these allegations, Nutrisystem has made the decision to sever our relationship with Mr. Taylor effective immediately.”

Well, this development is but only a glimpse of what will surely become yet another epic downfall for the great linebacker, whether the allegations are accurate or not. But it troubles me to see Nutrisystem drop LT so quickly after standing by Chris Berman all this time after he went and brutally murdered that hobo*.

*may not have actually happened (really didn’t happen)

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