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Couple See Nothing Wrong With Parking Their Car On The 8th Green At TPC Sawgrass

Anyone who has ever attended a PGA Tour event can attest to the fact that getting a good parking space can be a tremendous hassle. Well, two enterprising people decided to beat traffic and try some unorthodox methods to secure a prime parking spot.

Jacksonville residents William John Rinaldi and Brianna Lynn Borelli were minding their own business, sitting parked in their Pontiac G6 Coupe about 9:00 p.m. last night when some irritating guy started hassling them. Why? Because they were parked (with the engine running) on the green of the 8th hole on the Players Stadium Course. Can’t people get any privacy anymore?

The couple were doing God knows what when TomVlach, the superintendent of TPC Sawgrass, noticed something not quite right about the situation, mostly that an automobile sitting on a green on his precious golf course.

After Rinaldi refused to turn the motor off and get out of the car at Vlach’s request, he called 911. When sheriff’s deputies arrived, Rinaldi and Borelli were outside the vehicle. There was no damage to the green and Vlach declined to press charges as long as the two were issued a trespass warning.

Man, those two are damn lucky Vlach is such a nice guy. I’m just curious, though – it is not mentioned in the report, Rinaldi and Borelli had to be screwing in the car, right? Doing it for the sexual thrill is the only sensible explanation for someone to pull a stunt like this. Or they are just a couple of dumbass, white trash hicks from Jacksonville. That might explain it, too.

Updated: Man released after driving car on Stadium Course green [The Florida Times-Union]