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Cheer Up, Flood Victims Of Nashville: Nick Saban Feels Your Pain

Bravely fighting off a flu-like bug, Alabama football head coach Nick Saban took some time while making an appearance in Nashville on his “Crimson Caravan” reality tour to offer his condolences to victims of the horrible flooding of the region.

You see, Saban knows what it’s like. He wasn’t born the Supreme Ruling Deity Of NCAA Football, he actually once was a little boy, and he grew up in an area that frequently flooded. Via The Tennessean:

“I grew up in an area where we had a flood every year,” said Saban, who is from Monongah, W.Va. “I have a tremendous amount of respect and certainly knowledge about people who have to live through floods and the damage of floods and the cleanup that goes on after the floods. Our house flooded every year when I was a kid. My dad’s service station, his restaurant, flooded every year.”

Saban briefly considered rescheduling the tour stop in light of the devastation the region is dealing with, but thought better of it. When all your earthly belongings have been destroyed and you find yourself without a home – at least one not sitting in ten feet of water – nothing will brighten your day more than a football coach from a rival school in another state.

“We actually offered to do this another time, but the people here thought it would be great to bring a little positive energy,” said Saban, donning a pinkish tie with tiny elephants. “To help their spirits a little bit.”

Well, that was nice. Nothing says solemn respect to victims of natural disasters than a novelty tie with elephants on it.

After his speech, those in attendance were instructed to feel free touch the hem of his garment. But not the tie. Don’t EVER touch Nick Saban’s tie.

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