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Bark Twice If You’re In Milwaukee: The Ballad Of Billy Ray ‘Rojo’ Johnson

What? Everyone else on blog’s green earth did a post about Will Ferrell’s tomfoolery with the minor league ball club Round Rock Express last night, why can’t I? Although I cannot add more to what has already been written, I felt compelled to upload the above video out of a sense of duty and moral obligation to you, my dear readers. Plus it was all for charity and it doesn’t smell like Bigfoot’s dick.

Via Big League Stew (who also have a fan-shot video of the hilarity):

Summoned from the bullpen at the start of the sixth inning, Ferrell took the field as Billy Ray “Rojo” Johnson, a former Venezuelan pitching phenom who had just been released from jail for smuggling rare reptiles into the United States. His relief effort lasted just one brushback, but the whole bit featured a few more laughs than I expected. (I’ve embedded Ferrell’s whole appearance below and it closes with a pretty accurate reenactment of the Nolan Ryan-Robin Ventura headlock.)

Indeed. So there you have it. Now go back to your home on Whore Island. All of you.

Will Ferrell ejected from minor league debut after one pitch [Big League Stew]