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Teenage Australian Rules Football Team Ripped For Hooters Sponsorship

What a bunch of boobs, amirite? Why does there always have to be haters causing trouble for well-meaning eating establishments that just so happen to employ attractive, scantily-clad women serving chicken wings? An under-16 Australian rules football team in, coincidentally, Australia, have come under fire for entering into a sponsorship agreement with the local Hooters restaurant. Critics say it will corrupt the delicate minds of these teenage boys and negatively skew their perception of women. Damn buzzkill people.

What might have sent the reactionaries over the edge was when two scantily-clad Hooters gals cheered on the team, the Broadbeach Cats, during a tournament.

Said women’s advocate Melinda Tankard Reist (man, that name has “uppity bitch” written all over it):

“The message these boys are getting — and bear in mind we’re talking 15 and 16-year-old boys — is that … as a young footballer you have an entitlement to large-breasted women in skimpy outfits bouncing around at your games.”

No, they don’t have an entitlement. What they are learning is that getting women with self-esteem issues to do stuff like “bouncing around at your games” can be had for the right price.

Morney Schledusch, the owner of the Hooters in Mermaid Beach (sounds like a nice place, doesn’t it?) that sponsors the team, countered:

“Our waitresses represent the all-American cheerleader,” he told local media. “And no, they don’t all have big boobs.”

Wait. They don’t all have big boobs? The heck? Morney, what kind of Hooters franchise owner are you? I guess I’ll let is slide due to his great love of our wonderful country and its cheerleaders.

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