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Ozzie Guillen Sticks ‘ABC’ Gum On Freddy Garcia After Subpar Pitching Performance

There are probably few things more degrading for a major league pitcher than having your manager come out and take the ball away from you after a pitiful performance. Unless you are dealing with Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen, then you might be looking at an entirely new level of humiliation – even if the pitcher didn’t have a particularly bad outing.

Freddy Garcia, after scattering 10 hits over six innings and surrendering only two earned runs during last night’s start against the Kansas City Royals, was in the process of getting yanked by Guillen but before he could leave the mound, Ozzie pulled out a wad of ABC (Already Been Chewed – remember that?) Big League Chew and promptly affixed the gum to the chest area of Garcia’s jersey. And this guy ended up with the win.

Jeez, Ozzie. That’s a bit much. I can only imagine what he would have done it Garcia actually had a real bad start. Maybe he would have stuck the gum right in his pitcher’s hair. That wouldn’t have been very nice, but I wouldn’t put it past that crazy bastard.

[H/T Mouthpiece Sports]