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Off Topic: White Castle Scented Candles Might Be The Best Worst Idea Of All Time

Mmmm-mmmm! Can’t you just smell the dehydrated onions? They’re fartingly delicious!

In a story from the “Who Are The Ad Wizards Who Came Up With This One?” department comes news that in honor of May being National Cheeseburger Month – no finer themed month on the calendar, I must say – White Castle will be selling a scented candle which smells just like one of their tasty gutbombs of slider deliciousness.

The Columbus, Ohio-based fast-food chain this week introduced candles that smell like its Slider burgers in a promotion with Autism Speaks. Proceeds from the sale of the $10 candles will benefit the New York-based charity.

The candles resemble a packaged White Castle burger and are being sold at the company’s restaurants and on its website. The wax is encased in a ceramic holder that looks like a Slider’s cardboard sleeve.

Well, it’s all for charity so that’s good. But I’m not too sure about buying one of these bad boys. I might eat the candle.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off for a sack of sliders. And maybe an order or two of chicken rings. I love chicken rings.

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