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Dana Jacobson Has Been Reduced To Interviewing Guys In Green Spandex Suits

How the mighty have fallen. One day, you find yourself on top of the world, co-hosting the upstart ESPN morning program Cold Pizza. Then, the network pulls the rug out from under you, changing the name of the show to ESPN First Take, sending you for a total loop. Embittered and frustrated, you reluctantly attend a roast of some douchebag colleagues, and the next thing you know, you’re getting pulled off the stage after ripping on Notre Dame while taking pulls of vodka straight off the bottle.

Now, Dana Jacobson, whose career was once so promising that Woody Paige actually passed on sexually harassing her has been reduced to interviewing the Vancouver Green Men, the die-hard Canucks fans who relentlessly taunt opposing players  in the penalty box, much to the delight of everyone. Other than maybe the guys in the penalty box, I guess.

Video of the interview from yesterday’s edition of First Take (and perhaps yet another step towards the cliff for Jacobson’s career) after the jump.

Compelling stuff. Look out Barbara Walters, Dana Jacobson is on the prowl. For a place to crash out until she gets back on her feet.

‘Green Men’ amuse Blackhawks [ESPN Chicago]