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Wake N’ Blog: Taking A Swig While Waiting To Take A Field Sobriety Test Is Perfectly Sensible

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• After getting pulled over by Marion County Sheriff’s deputies in Florida, 61-year-old Dana Seaman (heh) took a swig out of a cup and then passed it to a passenger. Upon inspection by police, the cup smelled like alcohol. Seaman subsequently refused to submit to a sobriety test and was arrested and charged with DUI. Not the brightest bulb in the drawer. [Yahoo!/AP]

• To kick-off our wall-to-wall coverage of tasermania, an animated .gif of Monday night’s Phillies fan shocking performance. [Out of Bounds]

• Sorry taser guy, you deserved it. [Outside the Boxscore]

• A sampling of sports fans who truly deserve to be tasered. [Rumors & Rants]

• Nine terrible Philly fan incidents and their benign explanations. [Sports Pickle]

• Longtime Detroit Tigers announcer Ernie Harwell passed away yesterday. Rest well, sir. [Detroit4Lyfe]

• So long, Vinnie Del Negro. John Paxson hopes the door doesn’t hit you on the ass on the way out. [Tremendous Upside Potential]

• Sidney Crosby was warmly welcomed to Montreal by one restaurant placing his jersey on the ground to use as a doormat. Thanks for the gold medal, ya jerk! [Puck Daddy]

• ESPN must really want LeBron to change his jersey number. [The Sporting Blog]

• A Chinese golfer fell off a cliff looking for his ball. That’s why I pop my drives up to the ladies’ tee box. [Bob’s Blitz]

• Michelle Beadle learns from Maury Povich the true meaning behind the nickname Akron Hammer. [That NBA Lottery Pick]

• A Black Mamba photoshop contest? Indeed. [Deadspin]

• Cavaliers coach Mike Brown might be high as a kite. [Ted Williams Head]

• Paul Rudd is the most awesome dude on the planet. Need proof? [Warming Glow]

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