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Sweep The Leg, Johnny! Woman Born Without Arms Set To Receive Black Belt

Sheila Radziewicz, a 34-year-old woman from Massachusetts who was has thrombocytopenia-absent radius (or TAR) which caused her to be born without arms or kneecaps, is set to receive her black belt in tawkwondo. Her test is scheduled for next month.

Via the AP:

McCorry, her teacher, said he’s never seen a student like Radziewicz. Despite her condition, she can use nunchucks and break boards with her kicks.

The Salem resident, who works as an advocate for victims of domestic violence, said she has never let her disability stop her. At 23, Radziewicz earned her driver’s license. She uses a car that she controls with her feet.

Bad. Ass. Not only is she one extremely brave, strong and determined woman who hasn’t let her disability stand in the way of what she wanted to accomplish with her life, she also volunteers and serves her community. Kind of makes you feel like you squandered your good fortune and health, doesn’t it? Miss Radziewicz certainly should be an inspiration to us all.

That’s it. I’m joining a dojo and starting training tomorrow. I’m also going to start performing community service to improve my community. And not talking about the court-ordered kind, either. Yep, I’ll get right to that – as soon as I finish watching the complete DVD series of Star Trek: The Next Generation and beating Super Mario Brothers Wii. Also, I should probably lose some weight first. Man, this is going to take some serious time and dedication.

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