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Like A Moth To A Flame, Another Phillies Fan Cannot Resist Temptation, Runs Out On Field

More fittingly, taking into account the class of people we are dealing with here, perhaps instead of moth to flame we should instead use “Like white trash to a Walmart” to describe the inescapable lure of the playing surface of Citizens Bank Park. Yep, bolstered by his appetite for 30 seconds of notoriety followed by a sound beating in the back of police car, another Phillies fan broke loose last night during the Philadelphia-St. Louis game. This time, youth could not be used to describe this particular person’s need for attention – this guy was 34-years-old and was booed lustily by the generally well-behaved contingent of Phillies fans.

From the AP report:

Security did not use a Taser to stop the latest fan on the field. Police said the man from Warminster was charged with defiant trespass, disorderly conduct and narcotics possession.

The Phillies were leading St. Louis 1-0 in the top of the ninth inning when the man hopped over the fence in left field and ran along the warning track waving his arms. The sellout crowd booed and he was soon captured.

Narcotics possession? I’m not entirely sure this dumb bastard thought this one through adequately. “Hey! I have some drugs on me. How about I run out on the field. Surely, the cops will never catch me!”

Moron. Instead of a tasering, this guy should have been drawn and quartered right there on the field.

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